Ute Canopies

from $4,150

Australian Made
Tong products are locally made. We designed, cut, fold, and weld onsite at our Brisbane workshop.

10 Year Structural Warranty
Tong canopies are designed not to crack, split or leak during normal use.

Engineered with Quality Materials
Marine grade aluminium is the optimal material for Ute canopies. This material is lightweight and structurally robust. Our canopies are constructed around a framework of extruded aluminium tubular section, welded, and wrapped in a skin of aluminium. We offer a choice of checker plate, mill finish, or our signature dimple finish to complete your project.

Choice of Designs
Our great choice of standard designs, provide you with a range of options to suit your storage and transport needs. Choose a lightweight canopy with no compromise on strength or quality. Our canopies typically weigh between 150-200kgs.

Roof Top Capacity
The roof is specifically designed to be load bearing and commonly support roof top tents, ladders, building supplies and tinnies.

Standard Sizes

Vehicle Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Dual Cab 1800 1840 900
Space Cab 2100 1840 900
Single Cab 2400 1840 900
STD CANOPY FEATURES: Sealed aluminium floor, Secure 3 point locking, Greasable hinges welded securely into position, Dual gutter system, and Structural aluminium extrusion frame.

Note: Coaming Rail Allowances

NO Coaming Rail

SHORT Coaming Rail

TALL Coaming Rail

Tong Canopy Mounted on Tong Tray without Coaming Rail Notch

Individual trays vary significantly in design from manufacturer to manufacturer. Elements of the tray design that vary include: dimensions, manufactured materials, and assembly techniques.  For example, the majority of trays built from aluminium and steel will include a coaming rail down each side of the tray.

The primary purpose of the coaming rail is to provide assembled strength to the tray.  Commonly seen in aluminium trays, are coaming rails that are angular in shape.

The Tong canopy is designed to include the coaming rail notch on each side of the canopy. This ensures that the canopy fits the majority of 4 x 4 ute trays in the market.

If you are buying a Tong canopy to fit a Tong tray, you have the option requesting that your canopy is built without the coaming rail notch.

Select External Finish

checker-image-plate-s1e1 Checker Plate 2mm marine grade 5 bar checker plate (5052)
s-l1000 Mill Finish 2.5mm marine grade mill finish (5005) flat sheet
dp Dimple Plate 2mm marine grade dimple plate (5005)
Ask about combining external materials, e.g., checker plate canopy with mill finish doors for vinyl wrapping or advertising.

Powder Coating Process

Powder Coating (external surfaces only excluding locks)
Step 1 Dry fit all components
Step 2 Disassemble components where necessary
Step 3 Sand surfaces to be powder coated
Step 4 Acid wash and rinse surfaces
Step 5 Apply chromate solution and the wash surfaces
Step 6 Apply powdercoat
Step 7 Bond powdercoat and surface in oven at 200°C
Step 8 Reassemble components

Please be aware: Powder coating is not an exact match to your vehicle colour.

Select Fitment Method

There are two possible fitment methods available to secure your canopy to your vehicle tray: 1) Bolt Down System, and 2) Quick Release System. Bolt down system is a universal system that is suited to all vehicles. This system uses four M10 heavy duty bolts to attach the canopy directly to the tray.

The other system of fitment is the Quick Release System developed by Tong Metal primarily to attach Tong canopies to Tong Trays. In around 85% of cases, this system can also be adapted to securing Tong canopies to trays from other manufacturers. Compatibility with other manufacturers trays can only be confirmed by sight inspection on the day of fitment.

If the intention is to take the canopy off road into the undulating country only suited to four-wheel driving, then when strongly recommend the use of the bolt down system as the most secure method of attachment.

fitment-1-s1e2 Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate:
Recommended for off-road 4×4 use on surfaces other than smooth graded tracks.
fitment-2-s1e1 Quick Release System:
Designed to quickly lock your canopy down to your vehicle tray using off center latches. One latch for each corner of the canopy is supplied and fitted.

Please Note: Not all trays are compatible with this system. Tray analysis required.
fitment-1-s1e2 Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate: Recommended for off-road 4×4 use on surfaces other than smooth graded tracks.
fitment-2-s1e1 Quick Release System: Designed to quickly lock your canopy down to your vehicle tray using off center latches. One latch for each corner of the canopy is supplied and fitted.

Please Note: Not all trays are compatible with this system. Tray analysis required.

Roof Rack Options

MultiRack: This is our most popular choice for a roof rack. Strong and lightweight design. Awning and rooftop tent compatible. Equipped with load guides.
Extended Roof Rack: An over-cabin extension of 700mm. An excellent choice for tradesperson for extension ladders, storm water pipes, or other longer material.
Unistrut Rack: Universal channel is a low profile system excellent for fixing accessories. Unistrut is available in 2 lengths attached to the roof of your canopy.
No Roof Rack: For customers that do not intend to add a roof rack or will bolt an existing roof rack to the canopy.

Canopy Rear Door Options

Full Rear Door Need additional access to the rear of your canopy, add a full width rear door.
Half Rear Door Need additional access to the rear of your canopy, add a half width rear door.
Note: Not compatible with any rear mounted accessories.

Canopy Window Options

Fixed Window Let in the light. Add a fixed window in clear or 31% light grey to the front and rear of your canopy.
Sliding Window Let in the light and air flow. Add a sliding window in clear or 31% light grey to the rear of your canopy.

Canopy Rear Wall Options

Drop Down Ladder For easy access to the load on top of your canopy. The drop down ladder is located on the driver’s side rear of the canopy.
Spare Wheel Mount Spare tyres for your trip are a handy addition, mount one or two on the rear of your canopy.
Jerry Can Holder Do you need to carry extra water or fuel? Add a Jerry Can Holder for addition storage to the rear of your canopy.
Dual Jerry Can Holder One Jerry Can not enough, add two with the Dual Jerry Can Holder.
Note: Not all option can be combined – call Tong Metal Pty Ltd on (07) 3256 9633 and ask if you need help.

Jack Off System

There is no need to permanently attach a canopy. Depending on the type of tray fitted to your vehicle, your canopy can be attached with removable bolts or for faster removal, the Tong “Quick Release System”.

A jack-off-system enable canopy, allows you to multipurpose your vehicle.  The jack off system combines the purpose designed jack off canopy with structural reinforced floor frame. Using a set of purpose designed Jacks; you can lift your canopy off your vehicle tray.  The vehicle can then be driven out from under the canopy.  The canopy can be securely stored on the jacks until required and then easily remounted onto your tray.

Jack off System Components (each sold separately)

  • Jack off canopy with the structurally reinforced floor frame.
  • 4x Manutec jacks (1500kg rated) and winding handles (compatible with electric drill fitted with 19mm socket).
  • Quick release fittings (not compatible with all manufactures trays).

Fridge Compartment, Slide, and Refrigeration

Cold storage of food and drink in the hot Australian climate is a topic that every traveller has to consider regardless if it is simply how to keep my lunch cold while on the job, beer cold on the next fishing trip, or while traveling to a remote location when all provisions must be taken.

The humble Esky (Trademark, Coleman Company Inc.) and ice bricks, while still a popular way to keep food and drink cold, has evolved into mobile refrigeration. Mobile refrigeration has developed because of the advances in compressor technology powered by 12 or 24 volts. More recently, Peltier technology has moved from the space program to everyday use and can be seen in small electric coolers for cars.

The most recent advances in mobile cooler technology has seen the advent of upright refrigeration, similar in every respect to the “Aussie Bar Fridge”, but powered by 12 or 24 volts.  All of these technologies focus on maximum cooling with minimal energy usage, ideal for dual battery systems.

Now the debate has started, should I use Chest or Upright mobile refrigeration?

At Tong Metal Pty Ltd we cater for both sides of the debate by offering the following range of products.

Fridge Mounting Platform Tong Metal manufacture and weld into place a platform; you provide and install your own fridge or fridge slide/fridge combo.
Fridge Compartment Tong Metal manufacture and weld into place a platform surrounded by a protective compartment; you provide and install your own fridge or fridge slide/fridge combo.
Clearview Fridge Slide Based on either the Fridge Mounting Platform or Fridge Compartment, Tong Metal installs a Clearview ES100+, ES150+, or ES220+ to meet the requirements for your chest fridge/freezer.

Note: ES100+ 35kg, ES150+ 35kg, ES220+ 40kg
Bushman’s Upright Fridge Tong Metal installs a Bushman’s 85 or 130 liter upright fridge/freezer into a Fridge Compartment.

Note: DXC85-X 21.5kg, DXC130-X 26kg.

Bushman’s DXC130-X only compatible with 950mm or higher canopies. Special Order.
EvaKool Chest Fridge/Freezer Tong Metal installs an Evakool 40 liter fridge/freezer into a Fridge Compartment.

Canopy Internal Fitout

Trade Boss Package


As the name implies, this package is for the tradesperson requiring a range of storage solutions bundled into one convenient package.

  • 1 full medium sized shelf located within at the top of the canopy to accommodate plastic storage containers. 130(H) x 150(W) x 225(D) mm.
  • 1 half medium sized shelf to accommodate plastic storage containers.
  • 1 full shelf positioned above the 3 drawer unit.
  • Three drawer unit.
  • One handed, unlocking/locking for superior tool access.
  • Alloy construction to reduce excess weight.
  • 1 full rear partition to create two separate compartments within the canopy for organised storage.

Two Draw Deluxe Package


Sometimes you just need a couple of big, solid draws, and a decent shelf to store heavy items or tools. If so, the Two Draw Deluxe Package is just what you need.

  • 1 heavy duty, full shelf above drawers for optimal storage space.
  • 2 large heavy duty drawers 200(H) x 710(W) x 620(D) mm.
  • One handed locking for superior tool access.
  • Heavy duty drawer slides.
  • Alloy construction to reduce excess weight.
  • A fridge compartment and structural fridge mount that accommodates most fridges and slides.
  • If you don’t intend to install a fridge or slide, the fridge compartment it is an excellent multipurpose storage area.
  • Low rear partition behind drawers or full partition to create two separate compartments within the canopy for organised storage.

Nomad Package


Are you a nomadic adventurer, a tradesperson, or both? The Nomad Package combines a lightweight, robust and ergonomically design canopy, with ample storage, shelves, and a folding bench (885(W) x 440(D) mm). There is even a space for your fridge.

Passenger Side Folding Bench (885(W) x 440(D)mm)
  • The drop-down bench is the perfect platform for meal preparation, cooking, or as multi-purpose work counter.
  • A series of plasma-cut holes around the edge of the bench are ideal for hanging cooking implements and accessories.
  • Equipped with magnetic locks, the bench in the closed position secures the contents of the lower two shelves, yet allows easy access to the top shelf.
Passenger Side Storage 
  • The 3 large shelves are often used for plastic storage containers to create a lightweight organisation system.
  • The shelf positioned above the folded bench is the ideal location to store a cooktop or similar large items.
Fridge Compartment
  • The standard layout includes a fridge compartment and fridge mount that accommodates the Clearview ES150+ fridge slide.
  • Alternatively, the fridge compartment can be configured to accept the Bushman’s 85lt upright or EvaKool 40lt fridge.
The driver’s side storage
  • area is large and highly resistant to dust and water entry for whatever you need to carry.
Package Weight: 25-35kg 

Canine Package


If you require the creature comforts for you and your 4 legged friends, then this option is for you.

Configure your canopy build and make room for your dog with the Canine Package. Now you can take your 4 legged companion(s) on your adventures. Alternatively, the dog compartment is an excellent storage compartment for items you wish to keep separate from inside your canopy (e.g., fuel, wetsuits or hiking/work boots).

Dog Compartment
  • 3 door design (Driver Front).
  • Plasma cut holes positioned in the front wall and side door provide adequate ventilation and reduce heat build-up.
  • Three-point locking to for superior security.
  • Generous size: 900(H) x 800(W) x 900(D)mm
Fridge Compartment 
  • Includes structural mounts for either a fridge slide or upright fridge.
  • Accommodates up to a ES150+ fridge slide.
  • Please Note: The ES220+ is not compatible with this internal fitout.
Package Weight 25-30kg
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