TTC - Innovative Design

Access Rating 

  • Access Rating 10/10
  • The curved design improves access without compromising the lightweight, compact and aerodynamic profile.
  • Curved rear stairs

Design Benefits 

  • The TTC model creates more internal space in the rear of the camper due to the extended roof length
  • Distinctive and aesthetic design

Seals and Security 

  • Dual Slam Locks – Internally and externally lockable
  • Double sealed for water and dust

Vehicle Compatibility

  • The TTC has a 950mm headboard clearance.
  • Suits: Ford Rangers, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton
  • Modification of the tray headboards might be required for Toyota Landcruisers

The Build Process

Standard Sizes

The standard camper includes all the fundaments required for your next camping expedition.
  • Jack system Jack system
  • Folding Bed Platform Folding Bed Platform
  • Sliding Screen Door Sliding Screen Door
  • Industry leading Stair Design
  • Marine Carpet Flooring 
  • Dust and Water Seals
  • Structural Roof Rack
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Your Choice: Spare Wheel Mount or Dual Jerry Can Holder  

Select Size

TTC: From $14 000 inc Gst

Dual Club

Space Club

Space Club

Select Material

2.5mm Marine Grade Mill Finish (5005) Flat sheet. Powder Coating Recommended  No Aditional Charge
2mm Marine Grade Dimple Plate (5005) – 35-45kg Weight SavingNo Aditional Charge

Add Powder Coating

Powder Coating Procedure: Completed by leading local supplier. Dry fit all parts to ensure 100% quality and function before coating. Material Preparation – Sand welding penetration to improve aesthetics. Completely Chromate (not sandblast) the camper to ensure the highest quality coat Powder coat internal and external. Please Note: Not an exact colour match to car.From $2000 inc Gst

Select Fitment Method

Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate: Recommended for serious off-road 4×4$100 inc Gst
Quick Release System: Includes fitment. Please Note: not all trays are compatible with this system. Tray analysis required.  (4kg)Pay on fitment

X Roof Design

The addition of the X- Roof makes a great camper even better.

Key Features: 

  • Spacious Sleeping Quarters with plenty of head room
  • The Additional Windows:Face 360 degrees capturing a cool breeze from every angle
  • Internally Lockable making the opening and closing proceedures as easy as possible
  • The Innovative Design improves access in and out of the bed particulary for couples
  • 10kg 

Price: $2500

Add Deluxe Internal Design

Internal Design Goals

Robust Light Weight Construction
  • Premium Dimple Plate: Marine Grade Aluminium internal Cabinetry
  • Low maintenance – easy cleaning
  • A superior and Light-weight alternative to plywood
Strategic Weight Distribution
  • The internal fit-out encourages optimal weight distribution by strategically locating heavier items such as fridge/slides above or in front of the rear axle.
  • Correct weight distribution creates a more comfortable touring experience on and off-road and reduces stress to your vehicle.
Ergonomic Design
  • The internal layout is designed to have high access, strategic light-weight storage for all your camping and cooking essentials.
  • The sliding dining table can comfortably accommodate two adults.

Deluxe Internal Fit-Out

The internal fit-out is a universal design that fits all models of campers and sizes. This layout is displayed on a DUAL CAB unit however also fits SPACE cab and SINGLE cab vehicles.

  • 1x Internal Sliding Table
  • 1x Bench Seat Passenger Side (External Storage Underneath)
  • 1x Cabinet Seat: Internal and External Access (Driver Side)
  • 1x Fridge Compartment ( Dual Cab Es150+)  (Es-220 Plus space cab and single cab)
  • 1x Full Divider
  • Internal Fridge and Storage Access
  • Under Bed Shelf – ideal for clothing

Kitchen Bench Top  (885L x 440W)

  • The Drop Down kitchen bench top has plenty of space for food prep and cooking appliances.
  • The table has a series of laser cut holes along the rails which is ideal for hanging cooking implements.


  • Customers often add plastic storage containers to create a lightweight organisation system.
  • The shelf positioned above the table is the ideal location for a cooktop.

Weight: 60Kg 

Price $3550

Dometic Upright Fridge $1899inc Gst

CRX 80 Dometic Upright Fridge (78L): This price includes the fabrication of parts and components required to securely install the fridge in the camper. This fridge cannot be purchased independently from the Deluxe Internal Design. Upright Fridges are an excellent way to shed unwanted weight and save money since a drop down fridge slide is not required for access.

Weight: 28kg 

Clearview Easy Slide

ES 100+  (35kg) $1050
ES 150+ (35kg) $1050
ES 220+ (40kg) $1050
Please Note: The ES 220+ Fridge Slide is not compatible with the Deluxe Internal Fitout for Dual Cab Models. 

Product Features

Self Supporting Shade 
  • Swings out 270° around the vehicle.
  • Self-supporting in most weather conditions.
  • Swing Awn 2500 (length 2.5m with 2.4m extension)
Designed Tough For Australian Conditions 
  • Robust awning.
  • Drop-down telescopic legs to bolster it in strong winds.
  • UV-resistant, waterproof and surface-proofed with Fluorocarbon to facilitate soil release and rapid drying.
  • Unique built-in mooring straps create outstanding water run-off.
  • Packaged in a waterproof, dust-proof exterior PVC bag with zip opening.
Includes Fitment 
  • Robust mounting brackets and fitment to your Tong Canopy or Camper
Weight: 28kg  (Fitted with brackets)

$1550 inc Gst

Technical Drawing: Tray Compatibility Guide

What's Included?

The standard camper is supplied as an open unit, however, all the hard work has been completed and is ready and waiting to be fitted out. A number of optional features can also be arranged for your convenience. Please check the Optional Extras link on the Camper Models Page for pricing of all the optional features available.

Off Road Tough

Tong campers are designed with dedicated touring and 4×4 enthusiast in mind. The campers are built around a fully welded structural frame to handle the rugged terrain of your next adventure. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty and years of testing, these camper will get you to your end destination.

Less Setup, More Adventure

20 Second Setup and 30 Second Pack up. 

No Towing ✔️ Wind Off Jacks ✔️ Huge Storage ✔️