Camper Overview

X Roof Camper

from $16,995

Innovative Design:

Access Rating

  • Access Rating 10/10.
  • The curved design improves access without compromising the lightweight, compact and aerodynamic profile.
  • The innovative design improves access in and out of the bed particularly for couples.
  • Curved rear stairs with handrails make entry and exiting the camper safe and easy.

Camper X Roof Design Benefits

  • The curved rear wall of the camper creates more internal space in the rear of the camper due to the extended roof length.
  • The X Roof of the camper creates a spacious sleeping quarters with plenty of headroom.
  • The additional windows facing 360 degrees capture the cool breeze from every angle.
  • Overall the camper has a distinctive and aesthetic design.
Seals and Security 
  • Dual slam locks that are internally and externally lockable make the opening and closing procedures as easy as possible.
  • Double sealed to resist water and dust entry.
Vehicle Compatibility
  • The camper has a 950mm headboard clearance to suit Ford Rangers, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Nissan Navara, and Mitsubishi Triton.
  • Note: Modification of the tray headboard might be required for other vehicles such as the Toyota Landcruiser (Please call to discuss).

Standard Features:

The standard camper includes all the fundaments required for your next camping expedition.
  • X Roof
  • Jack system
  • Folding Bed Platform
  • Sliding Screen Door 
  • Industry-leading Stair Design
  • Marine Carpet Flooring 
  • Dust and Water Seals
  • Structural Roof Rack
  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Your Choice: Spare Wheel Mount or Dual Jerry Can Holder  
  • Dry Weight 325 - 375 kg 

Available Camper Sizes

Vehicle Model Dual Cab Space Cab Single Cab
Length (mm) Camper Base 1800 2100 2400
Length (mm) Overall 3100 3100 3100
Width (mm) Above Coaming Rail Notch 1840 1840 1840
Height (mm) Closed 1370 1370 1370
Height (mm) Open 2350 2350 2350
Vehicle Model Length (mm) Camper Base Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Above Coaming Rail Notch Height (mm) Closed Height (mm) Open
Dual Cab 1800 3100 1840 1370 2350
Space Cab 2100 3100 1840 1370 2350
Single Cab 2400 3100 1840 1370 2350

Note: Coaming Rail Allowances

Individual trays vary significantly in design from manufacturer to manufacturer. Elements of the tray design that vary include: dimensions, manufactured materials, and assembly techniques.  For example, the majority of trays built from aluminium and steel will include a coaming rail down each side of the tray.

The primary purpose of the coaming rail is to provide assembled strength to the tray.  Commonly seen in aluminium trays, are coaming rails that are angular in shape.

The Tong camper is designed to include the coaming rail notch on each side of the camper. This ensures that the camper fits the majority of 4 x 4 ute trays in the market.

Select Material

s-l1000 Mill Finish
2.5mm marine grade mill finish (5005) flat sheet
Powder coating recommended for this product
dp Dimple Plate
2mm marine grade dimple plate (5005)
s-l1000 Mill Finish 2.5mm marine grade mill finish (5005) flat sheet
Powder coating recommended for this product
dp Dimple Plate 2mm marine grade dimple plate (5005)

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Procedure: Completed by leading local supplier. The aluminium components of the camper are manufactured and assembled to ensure conformity to design. Once manufactured and dry fitted, the camper is disassembled into its component parts, sanded, acid washed, dipped in chromate. The camper is then sprayed with the powder coating material, baked in an oven at 200 degrees, and then once cooled, reassembled and finished.

See the Powder Coat Colour Guide for more details.

Select Fitment Method

There are two available fitment available to secure your camper to your vehicle tray: 1) Bolt Down System, and 2) Quick Release System. Bolt down system is a universal system that is suited to all vehicles. This system uses four M10 heavy duty bolts to attach the camper directly to the tray.

The other system of fitment is the Quick Release System developed by Tong Metal primarily to attach Tong campers to Tong Trays. In around 85% of cases this system can also be adapted to securing Tong campers to trays from other manufactures. Compatibility with other manufacturers trays can only be confirmed by sight inspection on the day of fitment.

If the intention is to take the camper off road into undulating country only suited to four-wheel driving, then when strongly recommend the use of the bolt down system as the most secure method of attachment.

fitment-1-s1e2 Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate:
Recommended for off-road 4×4 use on surfaces other than smooth graded tracks.
fitment-2-s1e1 Quick Release System:
Designed to quickly lock your canopy down to your vehicle tray using off center latches. One latch for each corner of the canopy is supplied and fitted.

Please Note: Not all trays are compatible with this system. Tray analysis required.

Deluxe Internal Design


The Deluxe Internal Design is universal and fits all camper sizes. The Deluxe Internal Design aims to satisfy the 3 criteria that our customers request: 1. Functionally Comfortable Design, 2. Meal Preparation and latest Mobility Refrigeration technology, and 3. an Integrated Electronics Package.

Weight: 50 to 90 kg

Functionally Comfortable Design

Robust Light Weight Construction:

  • Premium Marine Grade Dimple Plate internal cabinetry.
  • 1 x internal sliding table.
  • 1 x bench seat passenger side (external storage underneath).
  • 1 x cabinet seat with internal and external access (driver side).
  • 1 x full divider.
  • 2 x under bed draws that are ideal for clothing.

Strategic Weight Distribution:

  • The internal fit-out encourages optimal weight distribution by strategically locating heavier items such as fridges and batteries above or in front of the rear axle.
  • Correct weight distribution creates a more comfortable touring experience on and off-road and reduces stress to your vehicle.

Meal Preparation and Mobility Refrigeration

Meal Preparation

Most important criteria for meal preparation:

  • Ease of setup, and
  • Ease of use.

Included with Camper Deluxe Package:

  • 1 x Quick-fit detachable table with sink: 1270 (L) x 490(W) mm
  • 1 x Quick-fit detachable table: 900 (L) x 490(W) mm
  • 1 x Collapsible silicone sink, and food storage area.

Why detachable and not fold out tables? Safety and ease of use.

Standard kitchen benches are 900mm high. It’s a comfortable and safe height for most people to prepare meals.

Fold out tables on vehicles such as ute canopies and slide-on campers are often in the range of 1,100 to 1,200mm high. Our detachable tables have a working height of approximately 900mm.

In combination with our upright mobility refrigeration, your camp kitchen is now much more like your home kitchen.

Mobility Refrigeration

Cold storage of food and drink in the hot Australian climate is a topic that every traveller has to consider, regardless if it is simply how to keep my lunch cold while on the job, beer cold on the next fishing trip, or while traveling to a remote location with all provisions.

The humble Esky (Trademark, Coleman Company Inc.) and ice bricks, while still a popular way to keep food and drink cold, evolved into the chest fridge (an Esky with a compressor).

Today, very few homes still have a chest freezer. Upright refrigeration technology made the chest freezer redundant because it occupies a smaller footprint, is more accessible, and more energy efficient.

In some circumstances such as caravans and motorhomes, the electric chest fridge has already been replaced by the more familiar upright refrigerator.

Mobility upright refrigeration has evolved such that it is now compatible with slide-on campers. There is now available advanced and energy efficient compressor technology powered by 12 or 24 volt systems.

Weight: 25kg

Benefits of Mobility Refrigeration:

  • Reduced footprint where every square centimeter matter.
  • A massive weight saving of around 30kg where GVM is now more important than ever.
  • Huge savings, no fridge slide required saving at least $1,000.
  • Energy efficient cooling.

The Traveler Electrical System

The Tong camper, Traveler System takes the comprehensive 12volt dual battery system to the next level: more lights and more power using a 220 Amp Hour AGM Battery. This system also includes a battery monitor plus an Anderson solar connector.

Weight: 75kg

Products and Components:

  • Anderson Kit – Ute to tray.
  • Anderson Connector – Headboard to camper.
  • DC2DC Smart Battery Charge.
  • 220 Amp Hour AGM Battery.
  • 1,000 Watt Inverter.
  • Battery Monitor System.
  • Anderson Solar Input Connector.
  • Anderson Battery Charging Connector (Enderdive Only).
  • 2 x LED White/Yellow (1,000mm), Dimmer Switch
  • 1 x Cabin LED, White (500mm), Dimmer Switch
  • 1 x Red Safety Light/ Night Light.
  • 3 x Dual USB Sockets.
  • 3 x Cigarette Sockets.

Other Options Available – Please Call

Tel : 07 3256 9633

Camper Awning

Weight: 19kg  (Fitted with brackets)

Product Features:

Designed Tough for Australian Conditions 

  • Robust awning.
  • Swing awning with 2.4m extension.
  • Central pivot.
  • 4 arm or 6 arm versions.
  • Swings out 270° around the vehicle.
  • Drop-down telescopic legs to bolster it in strong winds.
  • Dual pegging of legs in firm soil removes need for guy ropes.
  • UV-resistant, waterproof and surface-proofed with Fluorocarbon to facilitate soil release and rapid drying.
  • Easy set to create outstanding water run-off.
  • Packaged in a water and dust resistant exterior PVC bag with zip opening.

Includes Fitment 

  • Robust mounting brackets and fitment to your Tong Canopy or Camper

Technical Drawing: Tray Compatibility Guide

What's Included?

The standard camper is supplied as an open unit, however, all the hard work has been completed and is ready and waiting to be fitted out. A number of optional features can also be arranged for your convenience. Please check the Optional Extras link on the Camper Models Page for pricing of all the optional features available.

Off Road Tough

Tong campers are designed with dedicated touring and 4×4 enthusiast in mind. The campers are built around a fully welded structural frame to handle the rugged terrain of your next adventure. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty and years of testing, these camper will get you to your end destination.

Less Setup, More Adventure

20 Second Setup and 30 Second Pack up. 

No Towing ✔️ Wind Off Jacks ✔️ Huge Storage ✔️

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